Gambler’s Profession and Its Future

Which one of these 7 Types of Gamblers are You?

Many gamblers come from different places and professions. The most successful ones, like Bill Benter or Jon Price, come from the financial sphere; whilst the most famous card counters tend to be people with a mathematical background like Jonathan Ferguson, aka “Stanford Wong” or Edward O.Thorp. Many masters of the game never acquired any kind of education and left their schools and universities, right after they chose the path of a punter.


Sometimes professional backgrounds really help us to count cards or create software to pick up winners, but none of this is an obligatory element of a successful career. Everyone can mount to the top if they put enough effort into it!


As time goes on, there are more and more people coming from the online sphere to live tournaments. Since Chris Moneymaker made his historical win at the WSOP main event in 2003, there have been thousands of followers emerging all around the world following the example of this amateur punter.This tendency is going to get even bigger in the future, and you can definitely become part of it yourself!




Professional and novice players have many questions regarding gambling. And we’d like to share the answers to some of them. If you want know more about curacao online casino visit:


  • Do professional gamblers pay tax in Australia?

Winnings from gambling are not taxed in Australia since it’s not considered a profession and there is no reason to pay the income tax. Also, the Australian government doesn’t consider it to be income, but the outcome of luck. Nevertheless, residents of other states are obliged to pay taxes.


  • How can I become a good gambler?

Choose your favorite game and learn more about it. The best way to improve your skills is to choose a trusted online casino and start playing. If you deal with online poker or blackjack — read about theory and card counting. Moreover, you can become familiar with the blogs and reviews about the games you choose. The majority of players find it very helpful.


  • Who is the richest gambler in the world?


It depends who you consider a gambler. The richest casino owner is Sheldon Anderson. One of the richest gamblers that really plays and owns some entertainment property is Bill Benter, whose software for predicting horse races brings him around $100 million annually.


  • Is there such a thing as a professional gambler?

There are people who treat gambling as a job. They take it seriously and become high rollers. The majority of professional punters participate in live and online tournaments to take prize pools home and snag millions. Everyone may become a professional gambler provided enough effort and time.


  • Who is the most famous gambler?

One of the most famous gamblers in the world is Edward E. Thorp, whose book “Beat the Dealer” made a major breakthrough in card counting. Because of his discoveries, many casinos had to change the rules of the game and adjust to the growing threat of card counters. Edward E. Thorp has founded one of the first hedge funds in the world and used his knowledge of gambling in trading, earning more than $800 million.

  • What is considered a professional gambler?

A professional gambler is a person who has significant experience in gambling. Also, these can be players who live only from gambling and their winnings. Usually, they have a fixed winning record and treat the game as their second job.